Offering sustainable management of wild Red Deer herds and our environment.

Red Deer live in a range of habitats throughout New Zealand and as an introduced species (not native) they have no predators other than man. This means that hunting is required to manage population levels at an environmentally sustainable level.

In procuring our wild Red Deer from New Zealand’s native forests, alpine and high country tussock lands we provide a product of the highest quality and deliver ecological benefits through managing herd numbers and their impact on our natural environment.

Our wild deer are sourced from remote South Island high country, forests and mountains. Naturally grown benefits of deer sourced from clean healthy environments include

  1. No artificial ingredients or GMO
  2. Plants without the routine use of synthetic agricultural pesticides or fertilizers
  3. Meat without antibiotics, steroids, hormones, artificial growth stimulants or chemicals
  4. Animals which are not intensively farmed or existing within unsanitary living conditions

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