Use and Storage

Use and Storage


Vacum packed, fresh, chilled wild venison should be stored below 4 degrees celsius.
Once opened, store in refrigerator on a covered plate and consume within 3 days.
Will keep up to 3 weeks unopened if stored correctly.

Frozen wild venison should be stored below -15 degrees celsius.


Steaks and Medallions
Always preheat oven, grill, or heavy frying pan. Venison cooks quickly and it is important not to overcook it. For maximum taste and tenderness always serve medium-rare. Lightly brush cut with cooking oil. Sear quickly over high heat to seal the juices. Rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Sear/seal in a hot pan with a little cooking oil and then place the pan in hot oven for approximately 5 - 10 minutes. Rest and then slice.

Pan sear venison quickly over high heat to seal in juices, then add liquids or roast in pre-heated oven. Allow 150-200 gram per portion size. Cut across the grain.